De La Fortuna – Port de la Mer

Located just 12 km from Dubai’s main airport, Port de la Mer is a good place for those looking to book Dubai cheap apartments. This is the second largest town in the United Arab Emirates after Dubai itself. The bustling, modern center of Dubai includes many places of interest including the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel and the Gold Souk. A short drive from the city, you’ll find many world class shopping malls and luxury resorts.

One of the best ways to find Port de la Mer is to get online. There are many sites that feature apartments for sale in the area. The real estate industry is flourishing in the area as more people come to visit Gulf cities like Dubai. Those coming to the city either on holiday or for work can rent an apartment in the area while they’re in the area.

The beachfront restaurants and hotels are located along the coast, but there are also plenty of shopping centers and banks located inland. There are buses traveling to Dubai from all over the world. Many airlines offer flights from major cities around the world to Dubai. The cost of airfare and accommodation in the de la part can be expensive, so it may benefit you to scout for Dubai cheap apartments if you’re coming from North America or Europe.

There is a wide variety of places to eat in the city of Port de la Mer apartments Dubai. The food varies between Moroccan and Western influences. If you are interested in Indian cuisine, then you will want to check out the Roxy and Papaya outlets located near the seafront. Of course you can always find decent Mexican food at any number of the seafood restaurants located in the area. The cuisine of Morocco is famous throughout the world and is often substituted for Indian and Chinese cuisine at restaurants in the United States and Europe.

The Gold Souk is another popular attraction in the area. It is basically a souk where people come and purchase gold or other precious items from vendors located near the seafront. This is also where you can find many handicrafts made in the local craftspersons’ homes. The Gold Souk runs year round, but during the peak season (Christmas) it can get very busy. Tourists do not usually have trouble finding a spot to buy things, but during off-season (when the beaches are less crowded) the Gold Souk is virtually empty. Like this off plan properties in Dubai are also a hot investment option.

The Souk also has a huge shopping mall, which sells a huge variety of clothing, shoes, jewelry, electronics, and souvenirs. The main street, Plaka, is also a very active commercial street where many cafes and restaurants are located. You can also find several foreign restaurants here. Tourists from European countries also come to Port de la Mer, and many of them also visit Casablanca throughout the year.