Home Purchase Introduction – Housing Scheme

Prices in the UK housing market increase despite national financial uncertainty and many citizens struggle to find the funds needed to buy a house. When new housing supplies and housing demand increases, British property developers have made a number of housing schemes to help people buy houses without the need for high loans and unreached payment plans. At present there are a number of new developments available to be purchased with the help of a number of housing schemes mentioned below, including newly built family homes in Kent, future developments in the heart of London and new homes for sale in Surrey. To register interest in one of the new houses, Surrey has a number of local housing agents who can help those who are interested in buying a house through one of the available housing schemes.

The right to buy

The rights scheme to buy specifically designed to help council tenants in the UK to buy their house builders London homes with discounts. To submit this scheme, applicants must have become a public council or tenant for five years. (It doesn’t have to be five consecutive years.) Someone is classified as a tenant of the public sector when they have lived in property provided by housing associations, armed services or public agencies such as NHS trust. Not all Board properties can be available to buy this scheme, (for example, the property will be excluded from this scheme if it is suitable for parents) and those who are interested are advised to contact their local housing authorities.


The Newbuy scheme can help people get a mortgage of up to 95% of the purchase price they want. This scheme applies to flat and newly built homes and is currently only available in the UK. To qualify for schemes, applicants must be able to increase deposits at least 5% of their property purchase prices. After the loan credit criteria have been fulfilled, and the applicant is considered eligible under the guidelines, they can qualify for loans of up to 95% of the purchase price.

At present there are a number of new building houses in Surrey available to buy through a Newbuy scheme. Those who are interested in buying one of the new houses in Surrey are advised to contact local housing agents to register their interests and help them through the application process.


Known in London as ‘first step’, homishbuy currently has two types of schemes available to help people buy a newly built house.

Equity loans: Applicants will receive a loan towards the purchase price of a house that will be free of charge for the first five years.
Joint Ownership: Applicants will be activated to buy the property section and pay rent on the remaining part.
To get a profit of the homebuy scheme, applicants are still required to take a mortgage to pay their shares from the price of the purchase of the house.

The homishy scheme is available on the choice of new building houses in Surrey, London, West Sussex, and many more desirable locations throughout the UK. For those who are interested in buying one of the new houses, Surrey for example has a number of local housing agents that can help applicants through their application.