Ohio Registered Nurse Salary and Job Prospects

If you’re considering about becoming an RN, Ohio is an excellent spot to work because it has some of the country’s most sophisticated university hospitals and nicest communities. The average registered nurse pay in Ohio is $66,820, with a better-than-average job outlook. Learning more about what you may expect to earn as an RN in Ohio, what your employment could look like in the next five years, and the factors that might affect your earnings can help you make better overall career decisions.

How Much Do Registered Nurses Earn in Ohio?

Starting Salary

In Ohio, the beginning salary for an RN is $53,715, which equates to $25.83 per hour and $4,476 per month. This is the salary you may expect in your first year after graduating from nursing school and receiving your license.

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Salary Average

The average RN pay in Ohio is $66,820, or $32.13 per hour or $5,568 per month, based on all RNs in the state. This takes no consideration of experience and applies to everyone, regardless of where they work in the state (Source: May 2019 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Total Annual Compensation (Salary + Benefits)

When it comes to your RN pay in Ohio, another key consideration is compensation. In addition to the average yearly salary, you will receive $29,740 in perks such as paid time off, retirement, and insurance, among other things. This generally breaks down as follows:

$6,566: paid leave

$3,380: additional pay

$8,401: retirement and savings

$7,532: insurance

Wage Estimates by Percentile for All RNs in Ohio & Contributing Factors

In Ohio, around half of all registered nurses make between $56,270 and $76,320 each year. Many variables influence these changes, including your job experience, the city where you work, your function and position within your company, your education, and others.

To put this in context, around 10% of RNs in Ohio make less than $51,160, and this includes recent grads, freshly licensed nurses, and those working in physician’s offices in less populated areas. Another 10% of Ohio’s RNs make more than $88,490 per year – the highest registered nurse salary in the state – and work in hospitals or outpatient care facilities.

RN’s Annual Salary as a Percentage of Total RN’s Annual Salary

10% of the population (12,538 people) earn less than $51,160 per year.

15% (18,807 people) earn between $51,160 and $56,270.

25% (31,345 people) earn between $56,270 and $64,200

25% (31,345 people) earn between $64,200 and $76,320.

15% (18,807 people) earn between $76,320 and $88,490.

10% (12,538 people) earn more than $88,490.

(Source: May 2019 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Trends in Wages (2013-2018)

RN wages in Ohio increased by 6.93 percent between 2013 and 2018. Increases in the cost of living across the state, as well as the state’s attempt to address the nurse shortage by giving higher compensation, are most likely the factors that contributed to this salary surge. More competitive compensation encourages experienced RNs to join the workforce, which improves patient outcomes and helps healthcare facilities improve.

In Ohio, RN wages are predicted to continue to rise between 2018 and 2023. They will have increased 8.78 percent by 2023, which is consistent with the preceding five years. The same variables, as well as typical increases in the state’s general cost of living, will be principally responsible. RNs in Ohio are expected to earn an average annual income of $72,690 by 2023, up from $66,820 in 2018.

Who Earns More in Ohio: BSN Degree Holders vs. ADN Degree Holders?

With an ADN degree, you can expect to earn around $65,090 per year. However, completing your BSN degree can raise your earnings by $5,740 per year, bringing it to $70,830 per year on average.

(Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics was used to compile this report.)

National RN vs. Ohio RN

The average RN pay in Ohio is $66,820, which is 11.51 percent less than the national average of $75,510. In general, living in Ohio is less expensive than in many other states around the country, which means that while salary is lower, it is still commensurate with the state’s cost of living.

Employment and Pay for Registered Nurses in Ohio’s Healthcare Facilities

Choosing where to work as an RN in Ohio is an important part of the planning process. If money is your primary concern, working in hospitals ($68,780) and outpatient care centers ($70,110) will pay the best. If you’re looking for a job, hospitals win out again, with more than 72,150 RN positions available across the state.

Job Prospects for Registered Nurses in Ohio (2018-2023)

RN employment in Ohio is expected to expand by 6.64 percent over the next five years, which is in line with the national average for all occupations. Though this rate of development is slower than in other states, it is crucial to note that neither the cost of living nor the general population in Ohio tends to fluctuate as rapidly as in other regions of the country, ensuring moderate but constant growth. To put it another way, you’ll have a lot of work options, especially in larger metro regions like Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Akron.

Which Ohio metro areas are employing the most registered nurses?

Cleveland, Ohio’s largest city, also has the highest number of registered nurses (RNs), with 25,270. Cincinnati, which is home to the University of Cincinnati and its affiliated College of Medicine, is next in line. Many RNs (23,970) help to keep things moving ahead since groundbreaking research is being performed at this college. In comparison, smaller Ohio communities like Mansfield and Springfield employ just 1070 and 1040 registered nurses, respectively.